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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Installing and Testing out your own crowd-sourced App with PyBossa

Testing PyBossa with a Virtual Machine :

Install Virtualbox and Vagrant first.

Problem : The 'vagrant up' fails on WinXP while installing 'hashicorp/precise32' dependency.
Following error message is seen : 

Cause :  This is caused by missing or failure in running bsdtar.exe.
For More Details see :
1) Install Mingw with bsdtar.exe
2) "However, installing MinGW for the bsdtar.exe, brought up another issue.
bsdtar.exe wouldn't run because it needed 'msys-lzma-1.dll' but 'msys-lzma-5.dll' was available.
Just copied and renamed to expected filename and it worked!!"

Now precise32 installs and 'vagrant up' succeeds.

Next step

Problem : Running the 'source' script fails
Cause : bash requires usage of ./scriptname to execute script in current directory.
Solution : Just changing the docs line 'source' to 'source ./' fixes the problem.

Problem : 'source ./' still fails
Cause : It gives errors for trailing ^M characters in the script, DOS line-feed chars.
Solution : Editing the file and removing trailing ^M characters solves the problem.

Use your web browser to browse Pybossa welcome page with this URL 'http://localhost:5000'

Thursday, July 17, 2014

test discourse

1) Configure Discourse Server Settings as described here:

2) The Discourse comments should appear here ===>

Friday, July 4, 2014

TED Video : Arduino Make the World Your Playground with Do-It-Yourself Intelligent Toys

+ Best Quote by Massimo Banzi about Arduino community - "Going Into EVERY FIELD I can IMAGINE"

+ Massimo Banzio 10 Part Video Tutorial :

+ For Artists, Designers and Hobbyists - Play with a Sensing Computer using Arduino :

+ MAKE magazine's YouTube Channel :

+ Share/Teach what you make :

+ Students can upload their experiments to Arduino based Lab to conduct experiments in SPACE!! :

+ Intel Galileo = Arduino + Linux + Memory + Sensors + Ports  :

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Test Google Transliterate Widget

Type in Indian languages (Press Ctrl+g to toggle between English and Hindi)
Type in


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Test Amara Widget

Amara Test Video for Easy Access to Amara Subtitling and Interactive Transcript on your blog or website


1) Click on "amara" button on video toolbar to view the different language subtitles for the video
2) Click on "Transcript" button to view the interactive transcript for whole video.
    Also shows "Search Toolbar" box to highlight any word/phrase in the text.
    Skip to any point in the video timeline by simply clicking on any word in the interactive transcript.
    Can be used to extract quotable quotes very easily for sharing on social media (with time position).
3) Click on "CC" button to toggle subtitles.
4) Click on "English" button to get menu to
 a) "Improve these subtitles" i.e. add new or update existing subtitles (need to login).
 b) "Embed Code" to embed the amara widget in any other page.
 c) "Download Subtitles"
 d) Switch languages.

Rajiv Malhotra Test Video