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Thursday, July 17, 2014

test discourse

1) Configure Discourse Server Settings as described here:

2) The Discourse comments should appear here ===>

Friday, July 4, 2014

TED Video : Arduino Make the World Your Playground with Do-It-Yourself Intelligent Toys

+ Best Quote by Massimo Banzi about Arduino community - "Going Into EVERY FIELD I can IMAGINE"

+ Massimo Banzio 10 Part Video Tutorial :

+ For Artists, Designers and Hobbyists - Play with a Sensing Computer using Arduino :

+ MAKE magazine's YouTube Channel :

+ Share/Teach what you make :

+ Students can upload their experiments to Arduino based Lab to conduct experiments in SPACE!! :

+ Intel Galileo = Arduino + Linux + Memory + Sensors + Ports  :

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Test Google Transliterate Widget

Type in Indian languages (Press Ctrl+g to toggle between English and Hindi)
Type in


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Test Amara Widget

Amara Test Video for Easy Access to Amara Subtitling and Interactive Transcript on your blog or website


1) Click on "amara" button on video toolbar to view the different language subtitles for the video
2) Click on "Transcript" button to view the interactive transcript for whole video.
    Also shows "Search Toolbar" box to highlight any word/phrase in the text.
    Skip to any point in the video timeline by simply clicking on any word in the interactive transcript.
    Can be used to extract quotable quotes very easily for sharing on social media (with time position).
3) Click on "CC" button to toggle subtitles.
4) Click on "English" button to get menu to
 a) "Improve these subtitles" i.e. add new or update existing subtitles (need to login).
 b) "Embed Code" to embed the amara widget in any other page.
 c) "Download Subtitles"
 d) Switch languages.

Rajiv Malhotra Test Video

Friday, February 14, 2014

Super way to create running notes on any ebook using Kindle

Super way to create running notes on any ebook using Kindle

a) Use any spare time anywhere to read and create my own notes on any kindle ebook.
b) Well worth the price of a kindle ebook.
c) Many times it's difficult to remember detailed stuff that you read quite some time back.
d) With this method you end up spending at most 2 times effort but you can keep building on it incrementally.
e) However, since it's mostly automated it reduces typing effort.
f) The draft and final notes are best kept in a wiki.
g) Periodically update onto blog.

Note: I've written to the author of bookcision bookmarklet to add copy of user notes in addition to highlighted text. He just replied back that the feature is being added in next version of the tool. Till then it's possible to extract "Notes" by copy-pasting from kindle web-page.

Buying eBooks on
Note: As of 13-Feb-2013
a) You will be Re-directed from India to US site for buying kindle ebooks.
b) You need to use international credit-card to buy the same.
c) You can pay in Rupees for the same.
d) You may need to change the country of residence.
e) Of course you can always get "sample ebooks" or "free ebooks" on your Smartphone/PC/CloudReader.
f) Just click Deliver to each of the specific devices.

Howto Annotate your Kindle ebook for running Notes:
a) Install Kindle-for-PC, Kindle-Android-App, Kindle-Cloud-Reader (best for quickly editing notes).
b) Add bookcision bookmarklet to firefox/chrome browser :
c) Highlight the Chapter/Topic in addition to text which you want to annotate.
    You can also add a note-to-self to the highlighted text.
d) Highlights get stored on your kindle account :
e) Click bookcision bookmarklet to copy highlights to clipboard. This will copy only highlighted text
f) To copy notes part of your highlights page "View Source(Ctrl-U)" and manually copy contents 'noteContent' tag to your wiki.
g) Copy the notes to your Tiddlywiki and edit for formatting.


a) Kindle Cloud Reader :
b) Kindle App for Android :
c) Kindle For PC :

See Also:
a) Howto Install Kindle for PC :