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Friday, February 14, 2014

Super way to create running notes on any ebook using Kindle

Super way to create running notes on any ebook using Kindle

a) Use any spare time anywhere to read and create my own notes on any kindle ebook.
b) Well worth the price of a kindle ebook.
c) Many times it's difficult to remember detailed stuff that you read quite some time back.
d) With this method you end up spending at most 2 times effort but you can keep building on it incrementally.
e) However, since it's mostly automated it reduces typing effort.
f) The draft and final notes are best kept in a wiki.
g) Periodically update onto blog.

Note: I've written to the author of bookcision bookmarklet to add copy of user notes in addition to highlighted text. He just replied back that the feature is being added in next version of the tool. Till then it's possible to extract "Notes" by copy-pasting from kindle web-page.

Buying eBooks on
Note: As of 13-Feb-2013
a) You will be Re-directed from India to US site for buying kindle ebooks.
b) You need to use international credit-card to buy the same.
c) You can pay in Rupees for the same.
d) You may need to change the country of residence.
e) Of course you can always get "sample ebooks" or "free ebooks" on your Smartphone/PC/CloudReader.
f) Just click Deliver to each of the specific devices.

Howto Annotate your Kindle ebook for running Notes:
a) Install Kindle-for-PC, Kindle-Android-App, Kindle-Cloud-Reader (best for quickly editing notes).
b) Add bookcision bookmarklet to firefox/chrome browser :
c) Highlight the Chapter/Topic in addition to text which you want to annotate.
    You can also add a note-to-self to the highlighted text.
d) Highlights get stored on your kindle account :
e) Click bookcision bookmarklet to copy highlights to clipboard. This will copy only highlighted text
f) To copy notes part of your highlights page "View Source(Ctrl-U)" and manually copy contents 'noteContent' tag to your wiki.
g) Copy the notes to your Tiddlywiki and edit for formatting.


a) Kindle Cloud Reader :
b) Kindle App for Android :
c) Kindle For PC :

See Also:
a) Howto Install Kindle for PC :

Monday, February 3, 2014

Automatic Translation of Video Subtitles on YouTube into Foreign/Indian Languages

Google Translate

Free Online Google Translate Editor
Video - Google I/O 2013 - Found in Translation: Going Global with the Translator API
Video - The Story of Google Translate: Past, Present, and Future
Video - Google Translate App for iPhone, iPod, and iPad: Demo

Google Translator Toolkit

Using Google Translator Toolkit to auto-generate translation into Indian Languages
What is Google Translator Toolkit at wikipedia
Google Translatore Toolkit Help


#Get Hindi captions by changing YouTube URL parameters

# Make entire YouTube WebPage visible in different languages.
# Just need to set the "hl=" to 2 letter language code found here :
# To Switch between Hindi and English WebPage
# by clicking on link for "View Youtube in English/Hindi link at left top of page" (Hindi) (English,US)
Show language-wise subtitles/captions in YouTube via URL parameters

Indian Language Translation Tools

Translate to Indian Languages with QuillPad

Translation Info

Using Auto-Translate with Google instead of Bing in Amara
Simple steps to Translate YouTube Videos using DotSub

Semi-Automatically and Programmatically Customizing YouTube - Notes on Video Clipping(without cutting)


Retrieving Caption Transcript via YouTube Data API Ver 2.0
Why and When a YouTube video MIGHT NOT show automatic captions
# Video too long
# Speech not recognised 
# Poor sound quality
# Language not supported
# Video starts with long silence
# Multiple speakers talking simultaneously

YouTube Subtitler

Create and Edit Video Annotations on Youtube help
Advanced Tips for Annottations on Youtube videos
# Link to FanFinder
# Link to Google AdWords
# Link to Google Analytics
# Auto-filter video brightness etc

Switch between "Default Player" and "HTML5 Player" on Youtube
How to autogenerate Youtube transcription with/without script
Youtube workaround to get URL for transcription text by appending timing from interactive transcript
Youtube Auto-caption and Auto-Timing features
Youtube Subtitle Captions
Youtube captioning help docs
Youtube embedding videos help
Youtube Player parameters documentation
Youtube Player parameters for IFrame
Youtube force captions/subtitles and language

Video - YouTube AutoCaption
Forum - How to choose the default caption language when embedding
Video - Youtube automatic captions feature with automatic captions turned on in URL

Video - Howto Add or Embed Part of Youtube Video from Specific Start Time to End Time on Blog, PPT or just Share
Embed Part of Youtube Video from Specific Start Time to End Time
#Youtube workaround to get URL for transcription text by appending timing from interactive transcript

#Get Captions for a specific language by changing youtube URL (WORKING)

#Get captions running via URL encoding on GoogleAPIs site(NOT WORKING RIGHT NOW)

# View YouTube webpage in different languages. 
# Append URL with "hl=" set to 2 letter language code found here :  
# Example : Switch Youtube webpage language to either Hindi or English.
# Need to click on link for "View Youtube in English/Hindi link at left top of page"
# Captions are automatically changed to corresponding language. (Hindi) (English,US)

#YouTube URL parameters
# Force API Version 3

#Force language for entire YouTube website or Embedded Player

#share link with captions turned on

#change default caption load policy

#Force cc caption language

#Load related videos at end of video
Forum post on Youtube Forcing Caption/Subtitle Language is not Working - hl=en_US |
How to customize Youtube video player
Google2SRT for automated downloading of video transcript (Closed Captions) from youtube video link
Saves the file for entire video as an .srt file. This needs to be corrected for incorrect closed captions manually.
Showing youtube videos in another language by default
Youtube Google Product Forum

Freebase Topics

Categorise your content using Freebase Topics

API Version 3

Youtube API v3 Reference
Youtube client libraries
Getting Started with Youtube API version 3
Customizing Youtube searches via search_query parameters


Google API client library for Python
Youtube API Python code samples
Youtube video common tasks using Python code

Using English and Regional Language Subtitles in YouTube Videos to Allow Access to More People (via Google Search etc)

Observed that some videos on YouTube have subtitles and most others don't.

Recently started looking into doing some subtitling of videos for Mr. Rajiv Malhotra of Infinity Foundation.
I came across few questions on stackoverflow etc which pointed to lack of comprehensive collection of information on this highly useful topic. Thought others might be able to use the same techniques to automate 80% of subtitling and translation so trying to create a blog which is useful for a more general audience.

This is a free working solution using team-based software 
used by (with 23K volunteers and 28K videos), PBS and Mozilla and others.
This is a collection of information on using Amara and other free tools to transcribe and translate videos:

a) Getting more people and search engines to unlock the potential locked inside videos.
b) Creating Interactive Transcripts on youtube
c) Creating Transcripts(Subtitles) in English and Translations to Multiple Languages
d) Reducing as much of effort, people, time to do this pain-staking task by automating  large chunks using special services and specialized tools to do the heavy-lifting.
e) Allowing part-time volunteers and fans to contribute small amounts of their time and effort incrementally.
This information is spread out all over the Internet and special interest forums or Developer documentation.
I've added my own notes for things which I couldn't find but came to know by trial and error.
The links are to sources which only give one small segment of information.
This blog tries to bind together all this disconnected information, the various tools, information required to get the full benefit of text for video and be a readily usable reference point on the topic.

Advantages of Free Subtitling of YouTube Videos (Transcription and Translation)

  1. Post Small Quotation video-clips on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Blog (without cutting original video and enabled with sub-titles and translations)
  2. People can find your videos by doing simple Google Search etc. Transcripting makes them 'text searchable' and indexable by search engines like google, yahoo etc.
  3. People can use text-based Interactive Transcripts to go directly to section of the video.
  4. People can read the video subtitles in Regional language. Having a English transcript allows auto-translation into other languages.
  5. Reach people with disabilities (Deaf/Dumb/Blind people can use text to speech software or big-font software for impaired-vision)
  6. Reach people who can't listen to audio on smart-phones (or due to restriction/unavailablity of speakers/headphones in offices/homes).

Free Subtitling of Videos on Youtube (Transcription and Translation)

  1. Generate Subtitles automatically (80/20 automatic/manual generation depending on video quality) using Google's Auto Captions.
  2. Auto-Translate subtitles into Foreign and Indian Languages using Google Translator Toolkit.
  3. Do manual correction of above English/Translated subtitles using free crowd-sourced volunteer translation via

Add value to existing videos on YouTube (without any changes)

  1. Use Freebase keywords to categorise videos for people to find videos by topic (
  2. Use AdWords to display Ads based on text and earn some revenue from traffic while keeping videos free.(
  3. Use InVideo Programming to promote video channel icon inside each video (
  4. Use FanFinder from youtube to find fans for your videos based on the text. (
  5. Use Google Analytics to get reports on Engagement with viewers. (
  6. Send invitation to all fans/subscribers of youtube videos.e) YouTube has its own subtitling facility (though maybe not as good as the one in amara/dotsub)

Transcription/Translation Howto:

Found the following steps useful in Transcribing and Translating Video subtitles/transcripts.
Took a few weeks work to get the whole thing working so it might save someone some time.
We'll use (formerly known as
This site is used by, Mozilla, PBS etc to transcribe and translate their videos using crowd-sourcing from fans. 
1) Transcription :
   i) We'll be using Youtube Auto-Captions to do most of the transcription.
      It uses Google's ASR (Auto Speech Recognition) technology to generate Captions from speech.
   ii)But auto captions can be good, Horrible or really funny!!
      So we'll correct any mistakes using Amara transcript editor.  
      Note: Some videos may not show auto captions due to variety of documented reasons. 
a) Click on the 'Transcript' icon to view the auto-captions.
b) Use Google2Str tool to download "English Automatic Captions" from YouTube in .srt format.
c) Convert to proper .srt format using Jubler tool.
d) Login to Amara and copy link to video into "Subtitle Video". The video will appear.
e) Click on Contribute > "Upload them Directly" link to upload .srt file to Amara.
f) Click on "N Language" > "English" link under to manually correct the transcript.
g) Download corrected .srt file.
h) Upload .srt transcript to youtube.

2) Translation :
We use Google Translator Toolkit to do translation which we correct by hand in Amara.
Note: We could have done Auto Translation in YouTube from English Captions to Specified Language using "Captions Menu".
However if English Auto Captions are funny the Translated Auto Captions may be gibberish. 
Even a fully correct English transcript will not read properly in say Hindi.
a) Upload English .srt subtitle file to Google Translator Toolkit.
b) Translate to Target language .srt file from English to Target Language.
c) Download .srt file.
d) Upload new language Translation to Amara for the video.
e) Manually Correct the translation in Amara.
f) Download corrected .srt file.
g) Upload corrected transcript to youtube.

If you're not using youtube to host the videos, you can skip the youtube related steps.
To view the youtube video with specific language use the following URL (requires uploaded translation) :

Note: Replace VIDEOID with specific code for your video.
Hope this helps someone out there.

Downloading Automatic/Uploaded Transcript of YouTube Video:

Google2SRT for automated downloading of video transcript (Closed Captions) from youtube video link :
Saves the file for entire video as an .srt file. This needs to be corrected for incorrect closed captions manually.

Jubler (with MPlayer and ASpell)

For correcting 'closed captions' transcripts.
Jubler download :
MPlayer for Windows :
Extract the mplayer*.7z = 7Zip file with 7Zip and point to mplayer.exe file from jubler preferences
ASpell Installer :
Install ASpell and point to aspell*.exe from jubler preferences.
Also download a dictionary from


Found a free working solution to create text transcript of videos using team-based software. This is used by (with 23K volunteers and 28K videos), PBS and Mozilla and others. I can help create a similar team to create "Quotable Quotes" from RM videos. Just need someone who I can co-ordinate with on volunteers. Brief Features of Solution to Sound-Bites problem using amara : a) Channel viewer traffic from social media via interesting quotable quotes => video snippets => videos => articles/books. b) Use only spare-time (5-15 minutes) volunteers from RajivMalhotra discussion group. c) Reduce work by correcting transcripts generated by youtube (auto captions). d) Form impromptu teams with on-the-fly volunteers. e) Only take-up bite-sized tasks which can be finished within max. 5-15 minutes.

Want to create your own subtitling team? mailto:
Video "About Amara"
Using Amara - Video Tutorial 1 of 3
Using Amara - Video Tutorial 2 of 3
Using Amara - Video Tutorial 3 of 3
Introduction to Amara User Interface
Automatic Captions on YouTube
TED Wiki on Line Breaking
TED wiki on Translating and Transcribing Guidelines
TED wiki on Making the Talk concise
TED Detailed Guide on Transcribing Talks


B) How-to Activate Team-Transcribing for YouTube video collection using Amara:
Crowd-sourcing subtitles :
1) Create a "XYZ" Team on Amara (send mail to
2) Link YouTube account to Amara account (requires YOUR XYZ Youtube account username/password)
3) Videos can be seen in Amara
4) Create Team and Tasks based on videos
5) Send invitation to volunteers
6) Create Tasks and assign.
7) Start Transcribing the videos

Creating a Team on Amara (only allowed for SuperUsers on Amara)
How to setup your Amara account and profile

Connect YouTube channel to Amara and Invite all your fans for transcription
Widgetizer script to subtitle all the videos on your website - for YouTube and HTML5 videos
Amara Help Home
Amara Help KnowledgeBase
Amara Enterprise Features
Volunteer with Amara to translate and transcribe captions or subtitles
Amara (crowd-sourcing subtitles)
Using Amara to Subtitle Videos as a team

TED Translation Guide
AMARA Support for TED Team Members
AMARA Team Directory
Team GlobalVoices Wiki on subtitling with Amara
Rajiv Malhotra video - Transcribing Subtitles with Amara 

C) To view youtube videos in Hindi (or another Indian language)

Interactive Transcripts 

What is an Interactive Transcript
TED interactive transcript enabled video
TED plans for interactive transcripts
Howto embed Interactive Transcript with Youtube Player on Your webpage
3playmedia services for Interactive Transcripting Videos
Serpsite online tool to download interactive transcripts
how-to download youtube subtitles


Dotsub website 

YouTube Captioning Help:

Howto add Captions to a Youtube video :
Editing Automatic Captions :
Automatic Captions in YouTube :
Caption File :
Automatic Captioning Software and Services :
Request Caption Translations or Invite Friends to Translate :

See Also :

2) Semi-Automatically and Programmatically Customizing YouTube - Notes on Video Clipping(without cutting), Subtitling, Translating Subtitles :

3) Automatic Translation of Video Subtitles on YouTube into Foreign/Indian Languages :


"Transana lets you catalog, analyze and manage your video collection and related data in very sophisticated ways. It provides tools that allow you to: Transcribe video and audio files (in a wide variety of ways useful for different analytic purposes) Identify analytically interesting portions of audio and video files, creating analytic units called Clips Code Clips by assigning Keywords Categorize Clips into thematic Collections Arrange Clips in the order you need Add still images to your analysis, including screen shots from video Explore relationships in your coded analytic data through text reports, graphical reports, and the search tool Manage large collections of video, audio, and still image files, as well as coded analytic clips and images. Code still images, assigning Keywords using coding shapes with Transana's Professional version Analyze multiple simultaneous media files with Transana's Professional version Create and manipulate multiple simultaneous transcripts to analyze different analytic layers within your data with Transana's Professional version Collaborate with colleagues in real time with Transana's Multi-user version, even over a distance"
Transana at wikipedia
Transana 2.0 is free and available on
Good tool for keyword indexing video collection, transcribe and more

Popcorn.js video

Edit video collaboratively
Annotated a video using Popcorn.js - check out near 03m how text box is made to appear. The best part would be to store the subtitle within the video itself and referenced from a blog/FB post or Tweet. Popcorn.js SRT Parser documentation
It's possible to create a .srt file from the transcript and utilize that in Popcorn.js using SRT Parser See also


Open Video Workbook Tutorial using OpenVideo PopCorn Amara and HTML5 Video
Open Video Workbook PDF
A Look at Open Video Tutorial
How to use Video Editing Software
OpenVideo Conference


TubeChop can also help in cutting video into smaller pieces using timing
You can : a) set start-end times OR b) duration in mintues c) Add optional text comment

Subtitling Tools

Aegisub - a subtitle editor to work with subtitles (correction of timing and text etc)
Jubler with MPlayer and ASpell seems to work for correcting 'closed captions' transcripts
Jubler Howto

MPlayer for Windows
ASpell Installer

Extract the mplayer*.7z = 7Zip file with 7Zip and point to mplayer.exe file from jubler preferences Install ASpell and point to aspell*.exe from jubler preferences. Also download a dictionary from

Subtitling Info

My Blog-post to capture youtube information
Howto make video captions
Video captioning programs and websites
Comparison of Free Subtitle Editors at

List of Speech Recognition Software
List of Transcription Software at wikipedia
Manual Transcription Softwares at wikipedia

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

LXR Source Code Referencing using iframe

Reference by File,Line No:

Reference by Keyword:

LXR - Source Code Cross Referencing Tool:
WordPress Hosting solutions: